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Trax professional Adhesives

The TRAX “PROFESSIONAL” adhesive weight range has been introduced due to demand for higher levels of bonding ensuring that weights do not fall off.

Ideal for general tyre shop use offering a high level of bonding for alloy wheels and “all weather” fitment.

Why do adhesive weights fall off?

A reliable solution - The PROFESSIONAL adhesive weight range with LOHMANN TAPE is recommended for a high quality all round tyre shop adhesive weight fitment. Particularly recommended for new or refurbished alloy rims. Approved for OE use.

Alloy wheel fitment guide

Alloy wheel rim horns will vary significantly in shape, height and depth. Each car manufacturer can have a different alloy rim shape depending on the rim manufacturer. Wide tolerances are allowed within ETRTO specifications.

Innovation - Steel clip-on weights

Trax has developed an advanced steel weight clip-on design that incorporates the CAM-BACK™ design features as found in the popular series 200 series zinc universal weight for steel wheels.


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