Trax Professional High quality packaging

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Strongly branded packaging identifying the PROFESSIONAL adhesive range. Please enquire for alternative packaging and private labels.

Private labels (or boxes) available. Please enquire

PROFESSIONAL range product summary packing details

Series   Type   strip size   strips/box   weight/box   boxes/ carton   boxes/pallet   cartons/ pallet   pallet weight lbs/Kg
513   CAR   12 x ¼oz   50   150oz   3   252   84   2400/1100
519   LT/SUV   12 x ½oz   30   120oz   3   300   100   2250/1025

Trax Professional boxes

Easy to hold master cartons. Weighing up to 28lbs

The PROFESSIONAL range can be sold either as a master carton of 3 boxes – or a single box.

Trax pallet width=

Weights supplied in strong 4 way pallets.

Single box

Trax Professional boxes

Master carton – 3 boxes

Trax Master carton – 3 boxes width=