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Transit van
Ford USA uses Trax weights on the new Transit build in Kansas USA

"British firm Trax JH Ltd, the second largest wheel balance weight manufacturer in Europe, has been selected to supply wheel weights for the new Ford Transit to be built in Kansas City, USA. Widely known in Europe, the Transit will be new to North America and is expected to be sold as the “T” series. The model will be launched in 2014."

Renault logo
£4M contract to supply weights globally to Renault

"A car parts firm has won a £4m contract to supply French vehicle giant Renault, safeguarding 50 jobs at its factories.

Trax JH Ltd's wheel balance weights will be fitted to Renault and Dacia cars made in countries such as France, Spain, Russia, Brazil and Argentina."

Jaguar Landrover logo
Trax wins £1M/year Jaguar Land Rover weights supply

"Newtown-based Trax JH Ltd scooped the contract on the grounds of design and quality, leading managing director John Hallé to declare that he was ‘delighted’, adding that it came after several years of hard work by staff at the company."

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615c Adhesive wheel weight
Trax professional Adhesives

The TRAX “PROFESSIONAL” adhesive weight range has been introduced due to demand for higher levels of bonding ensuring that weights do not fall off.

Ideal for general tyre shop use offering a high level of bonding for alloy wheels and “all weather” fitment.

Jaguar Landrover logo
Trax invests in quality for Jaguar Land Rover

Trax JH Ltd based in Wales is a leading manufacturer of auto-mobile wheel weights. These parts form a vital element in vehicle manufacture and the need for 100% accuracy in production is paramount for vehicle safety. To ensure all wheel weights are produced to exacting standards, Trax JH relies on Acrovision’s vision system within its manufacturing process to prevent any product defects or quality failures.

Trax Steel Adhesive weights range

Trax & Trax Professional adhesive weights are available – what are the differences?