Leaders in balance weight innovation & design


Trax is a leader in balance weight design and manufacture. With a wide experience of working with OE companies over many years the company offers a design and development consultancy to identify and resolve problems associated with balance weight fitment and retention.

Trax wheel weight

Balance weight retention is vital to ensure no warranty claims on new vehicles and Trax has worked with OE companies to develop new ideas on both clip-on and adhesive weights. Such ideas move into the aftermarkets to ensure Trax customers are very satisfied.

The company invented the CAM-BACK™ clip-on weight design to ensure the best retention available on the market. With adhesive weights the company identified reasons for weights falling off and has developed better solutions for adhesive weight retention on new and refurbished alloy rims. New low surface energy paints and lacquers now require more advanced adhesive tapes. These ideas have been adopted in the aftermarket to improve adhesive weight fitment - Trax PROFESSIONAL series. Read more

Trax weight on wheel

Looking to the future the company has developed a clip-on weight design made from steel, TRAX-LOK®. This patented design incorporates the CAM-BACK™ features offering excellent retention to meet the high demands of OE customers. Steel is preferred by OE companies as it is a more environmental lead-free solution than zinc and, in the longer term, offers greater raw material price stability. Read more