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Budget Steel Adhesive Strips

Summary packing details for budget line adhesive weights

Series   Type   strip size   strips/box   weight/box   boxes/ carton   pallet   cartons/ pallet   pallet weight lbs/Kg
500   CAR   12 x ¼oz   50   150oz   no carton   245   no carton   2300/1050
602   CAR   12 x 5g   100   6Kg/211oz   no carton   160   no carton   2100/960

500 Series slimline 12x ¼oz strips 3oz - 50/box

500 slim

A budget line 3oz adhesive strip. White foam tape with a quality appearance. 150oz box (4.3Kg). 500E silver zinc plate / 500C grey plastic coating / 500B black plastic coating

Size range:

12 x ¼oz ¾” wide 1/8” high

Box quantities:

1 pallet = 245 boxes Weight 2300lbs (1050Kg)

50 strips/box

602 Series slimline 12x5g strips 6Kg

602 series

A budget 60g strip. Hard foam tape – easier to remove from the rim. 602E silver zinc plate / 602C grey plastic coating / 602B black plastic coating

Size range:

12x5g 19mm wide (¾”) 3.8mm high

Box quantities:

1 pallet = 160 boxes Weight 960Kg (2100lbs)